1. What is an environmental project? How do I know that my project fulfils your criteria?

In order to be eligible for NEFCO financing, the project must generate favourable environmental effects that are cost effective, measurable and of interest to the Nordic countries. A typical NEFCO project can reduce harmful emissions, save energy, improve the usage of raw materials or promote recycling practises. An environmental project can also relate to environmental services or the production of energy efficient equipment and technology. Learn more about our environmental criteria here.

2. What kind of financing can NEFCO provide?

NEFCO provides risk financing in various forms. Loans, export credits or loans with equity features and pure equity financing can be provided through NEFCO's Investment Fund. NEFCO also offers loans on favourable terms to private and public enterprises and municipalities.

3. Can NEFCO provide grant financing?

Yes, NEFCO administers a number of grant financing schemes that are presented in the 'Work with us' -section here.

4. What conditions does NEFCO offer for its loans and/or investments?

Each loan instrument administered by NEFCO has specific terms and conditions. For detailed information on these conditions, please visit the section 'Our Services'

5. How do you apply for NEFCO financing?

You can apply for NEFCO financing by sending a project enquiry that contains basic information about the purpose of the project, approximate investment costs, a financing plan and information about the applicant's financial turnover. We recommend that you use this check list when drafting your project enquiry.

6. In which countries can NEFCO finance projects?

As regards NEFCO’s loan and equity financing, we have today a global mandate, but we have been financing projects mainly in Armenia, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine. Our climate funds operate across the world and the Nordic Project Fund (Nopef) can provide funding for supporting the internationalisation of Nordic companies outside the EU and EFTA. Learn more here.

7. NEFCO is owned by the Nordic countries. Do you require participation of Nordic companies etc. in your projects?

If the project is financed through NEFCO's Investment Fund a Nordic partner or other long term Nordic involvement is usually required for projects in the private sector.

8. What are NEFCO's procurement requirements?

Open and transparent procedures is required for awarding any public sector contracts for procurement of goods, works and services. They also form the basis for cost-effective use of public funds. For further information, please acquaint yourself with NEFCO's procurement guidelines here.