Barents Hot Spots Facility

NEFCO works with environmental issues and projects in the Arctic and the Barents region. The Barents Region is the land along the coast of the Barents Sea, from Norway to Russia. The Barents Region borders the Nordic countries Norway, Sweden and Finland.

NEFCO and AMAP (Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme) have mapped out 42 environmental “hot spots”, which require measures of protection and action.  Fundable causes contribute to the development of realistic projects related to these 42 hot spots or to issues of a similar dignity in the Russian Barents Region.

The Barents Hot Spots Facility (BHSF) provides grants to finance technical assistance in these projects. These are typically key pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, business and financing plans, or environmental impact assessments. BHSF is not as such a source of financing for actual project implementation, although from time to time the Facility may also allocate limited funds for implementation measures. The Barents Hotspot Facility is managed by NEFCO on behalf of the Nordic Governments. The available assets of the BHSF amount to 3 million euros.

Can I apply for funding?
Yes, if you have a project related to the development of the 42 “environmental hot spots” defined in the NEFCO/AMAP report. Also, if you have a project related to issues of a similar dignity in the Russian Barents Region. So far around 66 projects or other specific measures have been approved for allocations from the BHSF. The nuclear safety sector is not included.

For additional information, please contact Senior Adviser Henrik G Forsström by e-mail at henrik.forsstrom [at] or by phone on +358 10 6180 638.