Our focus areas

NEFCO’s financing is targeted at small and medium-sized projects (SMPs) with demonstration value.

All of NEFCO’s activities focus on generating positive environmental results.

NEFCO’s financing is aimed at increasing use of the best Nordic Solutions in terms of experience and practices, and at serving as a forerunner enabling bigger projects and scaling-up possibilities, which in many cases are then driven forward by the larger International Financial Institutions.

When it was established, NEFCO focused on generating tangible, positive environmental impacts in the Nordic region – and in particular the Baltic Sea – through investment in neighbouring Central and Eastern European countries. The reduction of pollutants affecting the Baltic Sea has since been a priority of NEFCO’s financing activities.

As a function of its extensive fund management assignments, similar activities in the Arctic and Barents regions have been added and NEFCO has developed into a financial institution supporting Green Growth and the Climate globally.