Action areas

NEFCO’s field of operation is restricted by our geographic and environmental mandates. As regards our thematic and sectorial focus areas, we have compiled a list of such sectors that are of special interest to us. We have also selected case studies that illustrate what our investments are all about.

A great many of our investment operations are shaped by the philosophy that characterises the cleantech industry. Cleantech Finland, a network of Finnish cleantech companies and experts, has captured the concept along these lines: “Cleantech (= clean + technology) refers to technology, services, solutions, process innovations or products that help reduce the environmental load caused by human activity, to save energy and natural resources and to improve the living environment. Cleantech business can solve economic, ecologic and social challenges.”

By exploring the links and case studies below, you can get an idea of whether your project can qualify for NEFCO’s financing.

If your sector is not represented on our web site it does not nececcarily mean that we can not finance your project. It could mean that we have not yet been able to identify any bankable projects in your field of business. Feel free to test the water by sending a project enquiry to us at info [at]