Project criteria

We recommend that you contact NEFCO by telephone or through this form to enquire if your project is eligible for NEFCO funding.

If your project appears relevant to NEFCO, we will need initial clarification on the following aspects for our initial screening of the project:

Name and contact details of your company and the name of the contact person

Project details, such as:
•Project location
•Project background
•Purpose of the project
•What does the project include?
•Which are the expected environmental benefits and/or
improvements resulting from the project?
•Approximate investment costs
•Approximate financing plan
•If profitabilty and payback have been calculated, what are the estimates?

Details of the investing company (the applicant):
•Current main business areas
•Year of establishment
•Experience relevant for the project's sector and country of operation
•Turnover, net profit and balance for the last two years
•Information about planned or possible Nordic participation in or related to the project.