Facility for Agri credits

Nutrients running off from agricultural production is one of the main sources of pollution of the Baltic Sea. This is why NEFCO offers small scale financing for investments in manure handling systems at farms. The loans are on favourable terms with a repayment period of up to 10 years.

Typical projects approved for financing
● construction of manure storage
● manure spreader
● reconstruction of cow barn
● sawing machine

Can I apply for funding?
Yes, if you are an individual farmer or agricultural company. See detailed criteria below.

Project criteria
● Environmental Management Systems training required
● significant reduction of phosphorus and nitrogen discharges to the Baltic Sea
● cost effective investments
● individual farmers or agricultural companies as borrower
● own financial contribution required

For additional information, please contact Executive Vice President Kari Homanen by e-mail at kari.homanen [at] nefco.fi or by phone on +358 10 6180 652