Scaling up Nordic climate solutions in Ukraine

The premiere of the Nordic Green to Scale event held on 5 September in Kyiv gathered high-profile speakers and panellists from the Ministries, state agencies and municipalities, as well as international financial institutions, energy associations and experts from the Nordic countries. The moderator for the event was Roman Zinchenko co-founder at Greencubator.

On this page you can find material related to the seminar, such as the presentations, the seminar programme, and photos.

Nordic Green to Scale report

Download the report


Nordic solutions and financing in a nutshell (NEFCO)

Скандинавські рішення та фінансування  (NEFCO)

Scaling up existing climate solutions in Ukraine (Sitra)

New financing program - energy-efficiency and renewable energy projects
through Finland- Ukraine Trust Fund cooperation

Sweden - Ukraine District Heating Fund

Співробітництво зі Швецією в сфері теплопостачання (Embassy of Sweden)

Challenges in the Ukrainian energy market in Ukrainian (E5P)

More information on the new programmes:

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